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Humankind developers are planning modding tools to edit AI and more

No more editing files by hand, they say

Upcoming 4X strategy game Humankind will have 60 cultures with units and technologies from different eras when it launches, but that certainly won't stop modders from creating more. The developers Amplitude say they've been thinking ahead to mod support for Humankind based on what players achieved in modding their past games. They have plans to create bigger and better modding tools than they have previously, including editing the AI and the UI and more.

"We’ve been thinking about mod support virtually since the beginning of the project, and put greater emphasis on providing our community with powerful but accessible tools," they say. "Instead of editing game data files by hand, modders will have access to a set of Unity tools based on the tools our own team uses to add content to the game."

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In their modding plans post, Amplitude break down what modders will be able to dig into with these tools when they launch:

  • Change game values, e.g. for balancing, or to change or add new content, like technologies, civics, units, or even cultures.
  • Change localization (Names, descriptions, event texts, tooltips)
  • Reuse existing 3D and 2D assets for your new content
  • Import 2D UI assets for new Content
  • Change AI code (so it can take your other modded content into account)
  • Create fixed maps (The Map Editor will likely be a separate tool)

Down the line, Amplitude also want to give modders the ability to import things like unit models or buildings and create full scenarios too.

Modding tools for Humankind won't be ready at launch, Amplitude say, but they do want input from modders now. You can check out their post for information on getting involved if that sounds like you.

Mods or no, Nate got to take the 4X 'em up for a spin last summer in his Humankind preview. While he's not ready to say for sure how it will ultimately stack up against the reigning Civilization series, he says it's definitely a contender.

You can find Humankind over on Steam, Stadia, and the Epic Games Store where it will launch on April 22.

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