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We Are Saleing: Humble Store 'Winter' Sale Now On

Nice video games going cheap

Look, Humble. I'm concerned. You're a decent, polite store and I dig what you do, yet I notice you're following that ruffian GOG into seasonal anarchy. I know, I know, they seemed so pleasant but look where you both are now: ignoring the supreme power of the Sun and launching 'Winter Sales' even though the winter solstice isn't for another ten days. Did you even think about how that makes the Sun feel? I don't care how great your discounts are - and wow okay some are great - this is just plain rude.

Over 500 games are on sale until Monday, December 22nd in the Humble Store - so hey, at least it'll overlap with Actual Winter a little. Winter will arrive, be so happy to discover a party celebrating it is underway, then be heartbroken as it realises you've been boozing for almost two weeks without it. Imagine winter's face falling as it discovers you rolling around in a vomity light-up Rudolf jumper. Shame on you.

As well as regular ongoing discounts, the Humble Winter Sale has loads of flash sales splashed across its front page. Right now, those include Kentucky Route Zero for £7.99, Deadly Premonition for £1.30-ish, Nu-Shadow Warrior for £2.99, Europa Universalis IV for £8.74, The Novelist for £1.49, Nu-Thief for £4.99, Mount & Blade: Warband for £3.74, Prison Architect for £6.66, Dustforce for £0.69, both Alan Wakes for £3.09, Roundabout for £4.99, Natural Selection 2 for £2.49, and Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor for £23.99. That's only a few of 'em too.

Most of those end tomorrow but a few end this evening, so have a look sooner rather than later.

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