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Hunt: Showdown stalks out more solo PvE Trials

Just you and a forest full of ghouls

Sometimes, you just wanna hunt monsters. No friends, and certainly no foes - just you and a swamp full of creatures from the abyss. Thank goodness, then, that Hunt: Showdown has just added a bunch more of its new singleplayer Trials - letting you test your running, shooting and survival skills without risk of being perforated by another human player.

Showdown's new PvE mode arrived at the end of June, adding a slightly less terrifying way to stalk the monster-stricken bayous. Now, Crytek have added a whole new batch to the Lawson Delta.

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Hunt: Showdown, by default, is PvEvP - daring you and your buds to take down gruesome bosses and make it out alive, all while trying to outgun or outflank opposing players who are trying to do the same. Trials, then, lets you indulge in just the hunting monsters bit, without stressing over each sound attracting human foes.

Today's drop adds eight new trials in all, spread across the three different modes on the Lawson Delta map. Two new Parkour challenges aim to test your footwork across the docks and lumberyard, while two new Sniper trials will sharpen your aim at the Parish and Lawson Station. Finally, there are four new wave survival challenges spread out across the Delta.

Patch 1.4.3 also adds two new "Vandal" variants of the Winfield M1873C rifle, alongside four new Legendary weapon variations. There's also been a whole heap of bug fixes and minor tweaks, a full list of which can be found over on the Steam announcement patch notes.

A friend of mine has been evangelising Hunt: Showdown hard lately - but if I'm honest, the idea of being gutted by another player just after sneaking past a boss sounds an absolute nightmare. With more ways to play by my lonesome, I might finally be tempted.

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