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Hunt: Showdown has added a singleplayer PvE mode

Just some trials, but still!

If you wish to hunt monsters in the swamp without being hunted by other players, good news: Hunt: Showdown has launched a singleplayer PvE mode, Trials. This brings a set of challenges to the two maps in Crytek's monster-hunting FPS, letting your hone skills in sniper trials, parkour trials, and wave survival trials, or just explore the levels without getting murdered. They are very nice levels. Newness has come for multiplayer hunters too, with the new dual wielding feature letting you sling two guns at once.

Dual-wielding and Trials arrived with Update 1.4.1 on Friday. See the patch notes for more info, and this dev livestream from earlier in the month to see more of both features:

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Regular Hunt is PvEvP, with teams of monster hunters trying to survive the hordes of monsters and kill a big boss than escape with the trophy, while stopping other players from achieving the same goals. Our Matt did like the tense PvP aspect in our Hunt: Showdown review, particularly the moment of claiming the big baddie's bounty then fleeing, pursued. He said, "I often get more out of playing as prey rather than predator, delighting in giving people the slip rather than a headshot." We recently took a look at how Hunt: Showdown creates hot, dripping tension too.

I am glad to see some PvE come to Hunt, even if it's maybe less than I'd once dreamed. Hunt's whole cursed American South is a strong look and I am well into the awful monsters, but I think a few years of Playerunknown's Battlegrounds sated all my urges to creep around a big map murdering other players. But you bet I wanna fight horrible bee ladies and swirling masses of angry tentacles.

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