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Hunt: Showdown's new map is now available on test servers

The first in three years

Hunt: Showdown is getting its first new map in three years. Called DeSalle, it's available on test servers now, and there's a new trailer showing its various compounds below.

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DeSalle has an autumnal theme, and is set across a "decayed urban sprawl" including a prison, church, bank and a saloon, alongside industrial and farming regions. Crytek also say it's more vertical than their other, swampier maps, allowing players to climb areas to reach higher ground.

Its inclusion on the test server brings the total map count of Hunt: Shodown up to three. That doesn't sound like many, but each of its environments is large and varied. This is the kind of game where you want to memorise sightlines between every tree and bush, and it already has a lot of trees and bushes.

For added context: Hunt: Showdown is an extremely deadly multiplayer game, in which its grotesque NPC monsters are there mainly to draw you towards fixed points on the map. It's other players who pose the largest threat, as they track you down to claim the baubles you're collecting. I've played only a handful of rounds, but I spent several terrified minutes hiding in bushes before being shot by someone in a different, presumably better bush.

I liked it, as did Matt Cox in his Hunt: Showdown review. It's honestly been nice to see the game grow in popularity, from player counts in the low 1000s in 2018 up to 10,000-ish in more recent months.

The test server has 2500 people playing it right now. Note that it's a separate install from the base game, but if you own Hunt, it should already be in your Steam library.

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