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Build a base in the woods in Sokpop's Huts

Nice and quiet

After several days of working until 5am watching press conferences where mournful music plays as men are stabbed in the neck, I've been delighted to get away to the woods and build a little base. That's the pleasure of Huts, the latest from Sokpop, the Dutch collective whose members are also behind such joys as Bernband, Lisa, and Digital Bird Playground. Off we go into the woods to scavenge planks, pallets, pipes, posts, tree trunks, traffic cones, barrels, bicycles, and whatever else we can find, build a little (or big) base, and enjoy the sounds of the woods.

That's it. Wander, look, listen, grab stuff, rotate and arrange it, and enjoy. You can find abandoned bases to improve or salvage too. It's quiet, simple, pretty, and soothing. Though I suppose you could also use this building sandbox to make a giant statue of a man being stabbed in the neck.

Oh, and you can grab a camera to take in-game photographs that are saved on your hard drive for keepsies. In-game photography: always good.

It's nice to have this wipe away my most recent experience of bases in the woods. The last ones I encountered were rough arrangements of leaned branches hidden deep in Epping Forest in winter, near a tar-black pond and an ancient tree which had been coppiced for so long I'd see faces in the bark out the corner of my eye. With the sun going down and the cold setting, I did not find those witchy bases at all comforting.

Huts is one of the games Sokpop made for their Patreon, where pledging at least $3 per month will get you two new little games each month while Sokpop work on bigger projects too (hell yes new Bernband). You can alternatively buy it by itself for £2.79/$3 on Itch.io, if you'd rather.

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