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I am well up for punching ghosts in GhostWire: Tokyo

From the makers of The Evil Within

Following a terse announcement last E3, Bethesda today gave a nice look at GhostWire: Tokyo, the next horror game from The Evil Within studio Tango Gameworks. I had expected ghosts and Tokyo. I had not expected we'd be punching them and ripping out their ghosthearts with our magic fists. See for yourself in the "gameplay reveal trailer" below:

A few things:

1) I have no idea what they mean, but the portals and weird computer bits look nice.
2) Some are those ghosts are great! I particularly like the little one with the whistle. A good variety of ghosts on display.
3) I am well up for punching ghosts with my magic fists.

Bethesda explain: "Tokyo is overrun by deadly supernatural forces after 99% of the city's population vanished. Use a powerful arsenal of spectral abilities to fight the paranormal threat and unravel the mystery behind the mass disappearance."

GhostWire's due in 2021. While this trailer's debut initially presented it as a PlayStation 5 exclusive, that's because it was during Sony's notE3 stream. Tango have since confirmed on Twitter that GhostWire is coming to PC too.

Curious that neither this nor Arkane's Deathloop, which is also owned by Bethesda (and also got a trailer finally explaining what it is), is headed to Xbox - as far as anyone's saying so far, at least. Those weird console wars, eh?

Whatever you call it, hit our E3 2020 tag for more from this summer's blast of gaming announcements, trailers, and miscellaneous marketing. Check out the PC games at the PlayStation 5 show, everything at the PC Gaming Show, and all the trailers from the Xbox showcase, for starters.

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