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I miss Hollow Knight

Do you ever wish that you could wipe your memory of a favourite game, just to experience it all again?

I miss Hollow Knight. Almost every day I scroll through the brilliant Metroidvania's subreddit and Discord server. It used to be a ritual news-hunt, to quickly check if anything new had been said about the upcoming sequel, Hollow Knight: Silksong. But as time has gone by, I don't go to those places for information, I go to remind myself I'm not the only one who misses the game desperately.

I know I could just play Hollow Knight. But that's not really the point. Do you ever wish that you could wipe your memory of a favourite game, just to experience it all again?

Alas, my memories are intact and I've played it so much I don't want to burn myself out, on the off-chance Hollow Knight: Silksong suddenly appears. The Hollow Knight expansion-turned-sequel was announced back in February 2019. The only news on it since was the reveal of four new characters.

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Silksong feels like some ethereal game stuck in limbo. A good kind of limbo, I suppose - the kind that means a small team of talented indie devs are taking as much time as they need to make a game that fans already love, despite many of them having only played a mere 10 minute snippet on a busy showfloor. It's hard to believe I actually played it with my own two hands at EGX just last year.

It's probably a bold statement to say that fans already love Silksong, but I genuinely believe it. Now, I know social media isn't necessarily the strongest metric by which to measure these things, but the Hollow Knight subreddit and Discord server are two of the most active and positive communities I've watched over the last few years. The art, the memes, the discussions, they're all a delight - here's a few from this week alone.

Hollow knight woodburning I made for a friend. [OC] from r/HollowKnight

Vesselz from r/HollowKnight

Day 345 of poorly drawing hollow knight until silksong comes out from r/HollowKnight

little artist (fanart) from r/HollowKnight

Recently started playing Hollow Knight for the first time and wanted to share one of my drawings I did from r/HollowKnight

I hope that Hollow Knight: Silksong comes soon. For selfish reasons, of course, I really want to play it. But look at these beautiful, time-consuming, and funny creations the community are making. I want Silksong to arrive soon for them, because they seem like such a lovely passionate bunch.

On that note, The Game Awards are next week. The Games Awards sometimes have good announcements. There are whispers floating around that Team Cherry have news, but those whispers are always there. I've been burned before by getting my hopes up - but it's too late, they're already as high as they were at every Nintendo Direct and E3 showcase that Silksong didn't appear at. I only have myself to blame, and you're free to blame me, too, should your hopes start to surface from reading this.

Perhaps, deep down, this is all a last ditch effort to will Silksong info into existence before the year ends. I've somehow managed to predict Mass Effect news twice over the last month - maybe my newfound powers could transfer to Hollow Knight, too.

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