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Hollow Knight mod Pale Court expands its lore and boss fights while you wait for Silksong

Fanmade DLC

Pale Court is an ambitious mod for Hollow Knight that adds five new boss fights, as well as new art, music, dialogue, voice acting and more. If you're one of the bajillion people who yell "where's Hollow Knight: Silksong" during every video game livestream, maybe it'll tide you over. There's a trailer and download instructions below.

A trailer for the Hollow Knight mod Pale Court.Watch on YouTube

The boss fights are against the Five Great Knights of Hallownest, which are characters referenced in Hollow Knight - and shown as crude statues and silhouettes - but never actually met. In Pale Court, you'll be able to use an item called the Dream Nail at specific locations in order to battle them.

Be warned: the Dream Nail is an item you won't get until late into Hollow Knight, which means this mod is probably no use to you unless you're already an experienced player. Although presumably you are an experienced player if you're at all interested in a mod that adds more bosses.

To install Pale Court, you'll need to grab a Hollow Knight mod manager. Scarab will do the trick, which you can download an installer for from Github. Once installed, you can search in the app for "Pale Court" and click an install button. Alternatively, you can click this link and if you already have Scarab installed, it should start downloading. The mod creator's recommend this video guide to installing Hollow Knight mods, if you need extra help.

I like Hollow Knight a lot, although I've not got close to completing it. I recommend reading Pip's (RPS in peace) wonderful exploration of its art and Alex Wiltshire's making-of interview with its creators. A shame we never reviewed it.

Thanks, Games Radar.

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