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Indie Bundle For Abortion Funds is also raising money with 700+ games

Including Hypnospace Outlaw

Earlier today we posted about a bundle on raising money for reproductive rights. Well, it's not the only one. The Indie Bundle For Abortion Funds is offering over 750 items, most of them games, for a minimum donation of $10. All the money raised will go directly to National Network for Abortion Fund's Collective Power Fund.

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At the time of writing, the bundle has raised $101,259 (around £83k), which makes it a little over 50% towards its $200,000 goal with nine and a half days to go.

There are some great games available in the bundle, including internet 'em up Hypnospace Outlaw, sweet camping trip Wide Ocean Big Jacket, sweet death trip A Mortician's Tale, puzzle classic Windosill, playable alphabet Metamorphabet, wobbly platformer The Floor Is Jelly, and several others.

Hypnospace Outlaw alone is worth the price, as our review explained in 2019. Or here's Katharine from when we named it one of our favourite games of that year:

As a museum piece alone, Hypnospace Outlaw is pitch perfect. It captures that feeling of discovering the early internet with expert precision, and rooting around its brilliantly observed user pages for naughty misdemeanours like copyright infringement, file sharing and horrible viruses was like stepping back in time. There's such depth and personality to be found in these pages that you can almost believe this community of weirdos exists in real life, and I found myself becoming increasingly invested in the lives and emerging relationships of these imaginary internet people as the game went on.

Of course, even if the bundle had zero games, donating is worth the price. Head over to the bundle's Itch page and take a look.

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