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"Like SpaceChem... In 3D": Infinifactory Early Access Out

Latest puzzler from SpaceChem dev

A new game from Zach Barth is probably something to coo and poke and beam and gawp at, even as an Early Access release. His past games including the Minecraft-inspiring Infiniminer and RPS-pleasing SpaceChem, and his latest looks to combine elements of the two. Infinifactory is a sandbox puzzler about building and optimising production lines to create products to please your alien overlords. They always take a hard line on slacking and slop, alien overlords do.

Zachtronics call it "Like SpaceChem... in 3D", and it's not just a cheeky tagline. Similiar to the chemical-building puzzler, it's about setting up conveyer bets and chains of actions to rotate, shove, weld, stamp, machine, grind, and otherwise factoryise materials so a nice finished object plops off at the end. And now it's in 3D. Interestingly, its single-player campaign does have a story with voice acting and all too.

It's got a level editor with Steam Workshop support as well.

Infinifactory is £17.09 through Steam Early Access. Zachtornics do say that "The first available Early Access version corresponds with what we would have considered our 'release version' in the past," so it's presumably not a total mess. They plan to be in Early Access for 3-6 months, adding mini-campaigns with more blocks, puzzles, environments, products, and whatnot while acting on player feedback - things they'd usually do after launch. Have a launch trailer:

As the rest of Team RPS wake up in our treehouse this morning, I imagine they'll start clawing, punching, scratching, biting, and crying to be the one who gets play and write more about it. I've scattered thumbtacks over the floor, left crude and brutal weapons in obvious places, and put the kettle on so I'll have a nice cuppa as I settle down to watch.

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