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Infinite Crisis Dev Diary Reminds Us It Exists

How many crises?

Looking back at the coverage of the officially licensed DC MOBA game Infinite Crisis, it's clear that the game is protected by some form of memory spell: Adam forgot all about it, it slid by Jim, and I was about to write something similar, and ... hey, there's a DC MOBA coming out/is out in paid beta. Fancy that. Infinite Crisis is a free-to-play lane-pusher set in the DC universe. It had to happen, eh? Below is a development diary that shows how the game's destructible environments and a dynamic event system will make the maps a bit more varied. Why didn't anyone tell whoever I am about this?

It probably just needs a more memorable name. I understand Infinite Crisis and its place in comic lore, so I guess they chose the name to give them access to the multiverse and have more than one Joker, etc. But it's also been a few years since that particular run trundled off the printers, so it's not as if it has a huge relevance nowadays. After all, it's not as if we need really need an excuse to see a group of super heroes and villains hitting things.

But what do I know? I tried to come up with a new name, but I failed so miserably to be funny that I refuse to show you. It was like reading the WWE list of alternative names for 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin, and one of them was 'Baron Von Ruthless'.

Has anyone shelled out to access the closed beta?

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