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Itch's Bundle For Racial Justice And Equality hit $5m and is still adding games, like Pyre

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E3 be damned, the hottest thing in gaming right now is Itch's Bundle For Racial Justice And Equality. The absolutely giant bundle tonight passed its fundraising goal of $5,000,000 and is still going, and it is still adding more games. Such as: hey, Pyre is in there now, the gorgeous sporting story from Bastion devs Supergiant. As I write, there are now 1637 items in the bundle. It is a phenomenal bargain for an excellent cause.

Sparked by the ongoing protests against police brutality, racism, and injustice in America, the bundle launched last weekend with a paltry 749 items. Along with a squillion video games, the bundle includes some tabletop game materials, and a few game-making resources. Have a look, you might recognise lots. It's pay-what-you-want with a minimum price of $5 (£4) and all proceeds will be split 50/50 between the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and Community Bail Fund.

I am so glad it has hit its goal. And with four days left, I'm excited to see how much more the bundle can raise.

In case you need more convincing, we've been highlighting some of its games on our tag, both big'uns you likely already know and diddy'uns you might not. There are so many good games that we could write about nothing but bundle games all day and still not hit everything. We've still not started on Night In The Woods, Celeste, Minit, Hidden Folks, Glittermitten Grove (is this bundle the real Frog Fractions 2?), Diaries Of A Spaceport Janitor, Quadrilateral Cowboy... you get the picture. But we will be talking more about more bundle games in the coming days.

I point out Pyre because it's the latest big name to catch my eye. For more on that, consult Brendy's Pyre review:

"It wants you to recognise that people are not there necessarily so that you can Win Win Win, that others, even your enemies, sometimes deserve their desires over your own machinations. There are messages woven into the tale about justice, mercy, forgiveness, and liberty in a way that few games even attempt to cover. And I haven't mentioned once how stunning the whole thing looks – I barely even need to say that. I only wish that the mechanics and feeling of Pyreball lived up to that strong storytelling, because it so often feels like an interruption to a great tale. But even I, who just rambled for thousands of words about how busted and rubbish I think the sport is, can forgive the game its flaws."

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