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It's time to storm the servers in Chivalry 2's open beta

A weekend of medieval war crimes await

Chivalry 2’s open beta is now live, sword bros. The medieval battle sim is out on June 8, so this more like a gigantic demo than a breakable toy for the developers to panic over. It has lots of maps, modes, full player customisation, and even cross-play into the enemy territory of Xbox Island and the PlayStation Peninsula.

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There are at least five giant maps to swarm across, each supporting a number of modes. You can join in on team objectives like “The Slaughter of Coxwell”, a jolly romp about making “a brutal example of the peaceful village of Coxwell after it declared support for Argon II. Burn the village, breach the gate, steal the gold, and kill the soldiers.” Defenders initially join that map as peasants and fight off the enemy with pitchforks. It sound serious, and it does look grim, but you can also hop on siege weapons and wang yourself headfirst into enemy territory. I'm pretty sure that's all I'll ever do.

There are team and free-for-all deathmatch modes, and even one-vs-one duel servers, where players “are asked to abide by the honor system and respect players aiming to focus on 1-on-1 duels.” That one is PC only, which is surely an indictment of the console players and definitely not a technical issue. The rest of the battles let you mix it up among the PC, Xbox, and Playstation players, but you can choose to join a party of platform specific players so you’re fighting alongside your technological peers.

The full customisation options are unlocked as well. Tweak those moustaches to perfection.

You can grab the beta on the Epic store right now. It’s playable until 4pm on June 1. Chivalry 2 launches on June 8th.

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