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Jazz up your keyboard with these gorgeous Pudding Caps for $15

Normally $25, these double-shot PBT keycaps offer style and quality.

HyperX's Pudding Keycaps, a popular choice for upgrading mechanical keyboards to blast out the RGB and improve the typing experience at the same time, are heavily discounted at Amazon US today. This full 104-key set normally retails for $25, but today you can pick them up in black for $15 or white for $20.

I've upgraded two or three keyboards with these style of keycaps over the years, including one with this particular HyperX set, and I've always been pleased with the results. Unlike standard keycaps, which only have etched legends to let the light shine through, these keycaps also have transparent side walls, permitting a ton of light to shine out on all four sides. The effect is gorgeous, and really lets you take advantage of keyboards that have bright LEDs and/or complex or even programmable effects. Of course, RGB rainbow waves look great here, but even single colour backlighting is enhanced by the design of the keycaps.

As well as looking good, these keycaps feel good under the finger and last longer. That's because hey're made from PBT, a more expensive but more durable material than the more common ABS. This plastic provides a slightly rough, textured feel that I prefer, and its double-shot design means that the legends are basically impervious to wear too.

All in all, these are lovely keycaps at any price, but any $15 they're a brilliant pickup that will suit a wide range of mechanical keyboards using MX-style switches. And if you're OK with paying an extra $5, you can pick up a set in white instead for different theming options. Either way, if you're still using the standard keycaps that came with your board, you might be able to get a sweet upgrade for very little with this deal.

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