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Justicar Trueheart analysis

Will this Hero Power-boosting Legendary be the new must-have card?

One of the cards we're quite excited about getting our hands on in Hearthstone's Grand Tournament is Justicar Trueheart. This character may pack a not exactly tournament-worthy amount of health, but the long-term impact of her Battlecry may just justify a space for her in your deck - perhaps not so much in the Arena mode, but quite possibly in Ranked and Casual play.

Once this character's out on the board, your Hero Power will be given a new lease of life, as you can see from the image below:

  • Druid - Dire Shapeshift causes the attack and armour effect of the Druid's Hero Power to be doubled.
  • Hunter - Ballista Shot replaces the standard direct damage and now does three points of damage instead of two.
  • Mage - The rather unimaginatively named Fireblast Rank 2 now does twice as much damage for the same Mana cost.
  • Paladin - The Silver Hand delivers a pair of 1/1 Recruits. Hello Quartermaster....
  • Priest - The Priest's standard Healing power now returns a game-extending four points of Health.
  • Rogue - Poisoned Daggers provides the Rogue with a 2/2 weapon, rather than the 1/2 blade of old.
  • Shaman - Now we're talking. Ever desperately needed that Healing Totem so you could stay in the game? Now you can pick the Totem to suit your current situation.
  • Warlock - Imagine taking the health penalty away from Life Tap, and you're left with Soul Tap.
  • Warrior - Tank Up! Gives the Warrior four points of Armor per application.

Finally, here's a look at the card art for Justicar Trueheart, just as it appears on the official Hearthstone site:

As you can see from the above, Justicar Trueheart powers up each Hero's special power quite considerably and could be a real game-changer for some Heroes.

What about that problematic health though? Well, there are a few ways you might be able to buff this warrior up, and have the minion serve just a little more use after its initial play onto the board.

- Druids could consider using their ramping spells like Innervate and Wild Growth to gain earlier access to the card, and thus get more value from the Hero Power effect over the course of an entire game.

- Paladins will be able to make use of cards like Argent Protector and Hand of Protection to gift Trueheart a protective shield.

- We're not sure we'll find Goldshire Footman or Shieldbearer becoming part of the metagame anytime soon, but tucking Justicar behind a cheap Taunt could be one way of helping her live a little longer.

- Those Heroes who gain a stronger, targetable Hero Power may be able to handle one of the threats facing Trueheart in the here and now.

- Druids have cheap spells like Mark of the Wild and Power of the Wild to give their minions more health.

- Power Word: Shield is a cheap spell in the Priest's arsenal that can be used to keep the minion alive longer, and gain an extra card at the same time.

- Neutral cards like Shattered Sun Cleric can also give the Justicar a much-needed boost to both attacking power and health.

- There may be some as-yet unrevealed cards that assist with keeping minions alive longer. Certainly there'll be some exciting synergy possibilities that we can't currently predict.

What do you think of Justicar Trueheart? Will she be an essential minion to take into battle, or one of those cards that screams out value yet never really finds a place in the metagame? Let us know in the comments section below.

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