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Karazhan guide

Everything we know about One Night in Karazhan.

UPDATE: 11.08.16 8.02PM

Hi everyone, John from MetaBomb here. I wanted to give you a quick update on our Karazhan guide.

As I've mentioned before, I had planned to bring you a complete collection of comprehensive guides to all of the upcoming antics in Medivh's tower: Boss guides for Heroic and Normal, how to beat the Class Challenges and all of the awesome stuff that we've been looking forward to over the last few weeks.

Unfortunately, two problems have cropped up recently that have scuppered these well-laid plans.

The first is that a prolonged bout of seasonal illness has finally caught up with me and I've no choice but to miss the launch tonight/tomorrow (depending on whether you're in the US or EU timezones).

Now, I'd have pushed through with things regardless, were it not for the fact that it turns out the release schedule of Wings 2 and 3 just happens to occur slap-bang in the middle of what turns out to be an unfortunately timed week's holiday that can't be moved. In the best case scenario, then, I'd only have been able to bring you timely guides for the first and final Wings of Karazhan.

As you can imagine, this is all very frustrating. I'm as excited about the new Adventure as you are and it would have been a lot of fun to share strategies and explore Karazhan together. I hope you understand though why it's really not a good idea to commit to bringing you an almost certainly late series of efforts that don't reach the usual standards I have for you and the site.

Now, just to put things in perspective for a moment, I want to stress that this is simply a setback on a new sort of content for the site! Ignoring the brief holiday downtime, it's very much business as usual for the bread and butter of MetaBomb, which is creating and updating our massive suite of deck guides. I hope you continue to find these a useful and fun part of your Hearthstone life!

The new cards will take time to settle in and we'll make sure that every one of our core deck guides remain at the cutting edge of Hearthstone's wonderful metagame. On this front nothing changes, and we'll be more than ready to tackle the next Adventure, whenever that comes.

Thanks for your understanding and for all of your continued support of the site.

John - EIC, MetaBomb

(PS: There'll be loads of Karazhan content just a Google away, and Reddit's a great place for staying on top of the latest strategies!).


Well, this is exciting!

Welcome to our guide-in-progress for the next Hearthstone Adventure, which was reveled at ChinaJoy and is called One Night in Karazhan.

The stream has now finished, and I'm in the process of tidying up all of the information that was revealed. If I've missed anything in the excitement, let me know in the comments and I'll add it in!

If you have any questions, ask away and I'll do my best to answer them.

This article is a work-in-progress and will be updated regularly in the days and weeks ahead. Check back for new content!

Update #1: Tidied up the format of the guide now that the stream frenzy is over. More detail to be added shortly.

On this page:

- Our general FAQ featuring all the known information about the new Adventure.

Other pages:

- Karazhan card gallery

- Karazhan gameplay footage

One Night in Karazhan FAQ

- This is a reimagined Karazhan from a time before its appearance in World of Warcraft.

- It's party time! You've been invited to a special evening, but arriving early you discover Medivh has vanished. You must rescue Medivh and so save the party.

- There will be a free Prologue mission where you play as Medivh. You'll receive two free cards for participating.

- Your challenge in Prologue is to beat Prince Malchezaar. His Hero Power is called Legion and costs two Mana. It summons a 6/6 Abyssal.

Watch on YouTube

New cards

- There will be 45 new cards in total.

- There will be a total of 5 portal cards. Firelands Portal is just the first to be revealed.

- Every class will have its own unique challenge, which will reward cards.

- There will be a special card back again for those who beat the encounters on Heroic difficulty.

- New cards will be added to the Arena drafting pool as each Wing is released.

Wings and Bosses

- There are 13 Bosses spread across four Wings: The Parlour, The Opera, The Menagerie and The Spire.

- Known bosses: The Parlour (Magic Mirror, Chess), The Opera (Romulus and Juliette, The Big Bad Wolf, The Crone), The Menagerie (Nightbane, Illhoof), The Spire (Netherspite, Shade of Aran)

Price and release date

- Release date: August 11th

- Individual wings will cost 700 Gold or $6.99 each. You can buy all Wings of the Adventure for $19.99.

- If you buy the entire Adventure within the first week of launch, you'll receive a special Karazhan-themed card back.

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