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Kentucky Route Zero, Fez on sale fundraising for ACLU

Good games for a good cause

Kentucky Route Zero, the game so good we declared it our game of the year back when only two of its episodes were out, is currently half-price. That's always worth pointing out, that. Sales from this latest sale will go to the American Civil Liberties Union, joining similar fundraisers with other cracking games. Also joining in are the delightful Fez, frightful treasures from Kitty Horrorshow, and the next game from Tetrageddon dev Nathalie Lawhead.

Chucking at least $12.50 at Kentucky Route Zero on Itch will get you the four episodes out now then the fifth when it's done. We've reviewed it episode-by-episode -- 1, 2, 3, and 4 -- and yep, it's as great as Alec, Adam, and John will tell you there. It's already raised over $10,000 for the ACLU and will be on sale until Sunday.

Fez is... a game we've somehow not reviewed? Don't blame me; I wasn't here when it came out. But Polytron's puzzle-platformer is delightful, the adventures of a 2D man in a 3D world full of secrets. Until Monday, you can pay what you want on Itch for it. All proceeds go to the ACLU.

Kitty Horrorshow's ACLU Bundle is also on Itch, for $1 or more, headlined by the wonderfully unsettling Anatomy. "If you're at all interested in weird takes on haunted houses, you really should play it," said Adam. The bundle also includes several games that were previously exclusive to her Patreon backers. You've got until Monday-ish to nab this, then all proceeds will go to the ACLU.

Then there's EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK, an early build of the next from Tetrageddon dev and frog enthusiast Nathalie Lawhead. It's a vignette 'em up about cute creatures who are oh so optimistic despite the awful things happening to them. This is a sneak peek at an early version, and she'll pull it once this fundraising stretch ends. It's yours for at least $1 on Itch, and all proceeds will go to the ACLU.

Nuclear Throne developers Vlambeer held their own fundraiser over the weekend, netting over $13,000 for the ACLU.

The American Civil Liberties Union are quite busy at the moment.

Also raising funds on Itch now is a bundle of lesser-known games to help relief efforts after Peru's recent flooding.

[Disclosure: no ha-ha-hilarious anecdotes here, I'm afraid, but Nathalie Lawhead and KRZ devs have shown games at events I helped run, Fez's Phil Fish DJed at one, and Vlambeer's Rami Ismail once crashed in our flat. Sorry, no wacky stories. Phil Fish did drop a bangin' Sisters of Mercy mashup, though.]

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