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Kingdoms And Castles gets larger everything in latest update

Except churches. Those are smaller

I had a single, relaxing weekend with citybuilder Kingdoms And Castles almost six years ago, and I still look back on it as if it was a revitalising holiday I took. A city break, if you will.

Likewise, six years later and Kingdoms And Castles is still getting updates. The Infrastructure & Industry update was released earlier today, and it adds several community-suggested buildings.

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As the name suggest, this update is all about offering new options to city construction and economy. It also mostly takes the form of larger versions of existing buildings, including a larger treasure room, produce storage, iron mine, quarry, charcoal maker, reservoir, and tavern. Each of these buildings will take up more space than their standard counterparts, but they're also more productive. The update also breaks the trend by adding a chapel, a smaller version of K&C's existing church.

You can find screenshots and more details of all the above buildings over on the game's Steam news feed. The update also comes with a handful of other tweaks, including larger fonts on Steam Deck and some bug fixes.

One of the reasons Kingdoms And Castles appealed to me back in 2017 was its simplicity, which has made me hesitant to return now that it has had so many years of updates. Last year that included the War & Diplomacy update, which expanded your rival kingdoms with new diplomatic options, the ability to talk to their rulers, and more. Kingdoms And Castles didn't even have rival kingdoms back when I played it.

While this update may not draw me back to K&C, I'll definitely be giving its developer's next game a go when it releases. Nova Roma was announced last week and looks like a similar style of citybuilder with a Roman twist.

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