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Adventure Ho! King's Quest Episode 1 Priced And Dated

Adventure time!

The new King's Quest [official site] is the first real test for the glove puppet Activision have made from the flayed hide of Sierra. Will its revival of Ye Olde Sierra adventure game series fill you with warmth and love and joy and nostalgia and make you embrace and kiss the glove, murmuring "I've missed you, I've missed you so much" as tears runs down your cheeks, or will you slap the leathery paw away and screw your eyes tight repeating "It's only a dream, it's only a dream"?

The first episode, A Knight to Remember, will launch on July 28th, Sierra have announced.

Made the The Odd Gentlemen rather than any of the original developers, the new King's Quest sees an old King Graham telling tales of his adventures to his young granddaughter Gwendolyn. They'll span his whole life, kicking off with him tackling a dragon. Typical knightly sort of a quest, that one. As with Telltale's modern adventure games, decisions will have consequences.

The episode will cost £7.99 by itself, or a season pass including all five episodes plus "a future bonus playable story epilogue" will run you £31.99. They'll all trickle out across this year and 2016.

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[I'll be honest: I've used most of my good "renanimated corpse" and "howling puppet" and "meat spectre" lines on stories about the beast wearing the skin of Atari.]

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