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King's Quest Chapter 3 Now Seeking True Love

All lovey-dovey!

Love! Don't talk to me about love. Especially not if you're talking about falling in love with people. Look at young King-to-be Graham in the third episode of Activision's revived King's Quest [official site], off adventuring in search of love, travelling through a grand forest and tumbling down a hill - two bits of landscape that it'd be perfectly reasonable to fall deeply in love with. But no, he's off climbing a magic tower to rescue a princess to love or something? But fine, sure, whatever, if you're into that sort of thing, then Chapter 3: Once Upon a Climb Launch is out.

Young Graham, see, listened to a magic mirror telling him how to find his love - not realising it was surely referring to the forest around the tower, not anyone in it. The youth of today, man. Activision explain:

"Once Upon a Climb adds a romantic comedy twist to the adventure, turning a spotlight to Queen Valanice, the future wife of King Graham and a classic character from the series' origins. As Graham continues to recount some of the most daring stories from his life to his granddaughter, Gwendolyn, players will get to experience the true legend behind Graham's first encounter with Valanice and how he rescued her from the wicked witch Hagatha."

Yeah, open your eyes, doofus. Look at these trees!

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Anyway. Chapter 3 is out now. It's included with the £31.99 'Complete Collection', which also has an extra episode, or with the £23.99 Season Pass which goes on top of the first episode (£6.99), or is £6.99 by itself if you own the first episode. Hit Steam for it. We didn't look at Chapter 2, but John did not like the first one.

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