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Kobolds and Catacombs Crafting Guide: Best Legendary, Epic and Rare Cards

Our guide to the most powerful cards emerging in the new Hearthstone meta.

It's becoming pretty clear, pretty early on that certain cards like Corridor Creeper are shaping up to be core components of the Kobolds and Catacombs meta. With that in mind we thought it would be a good idea to put together the first edition of our crafting guide for the new expansion.

In this first edition we've listed each Epic, Rare and Legendary card that's commonly included in every version of the core archetypes that have already been established. What these lists don't take into account, however, is the relative power level that exists between the individual decks.

Once the meta has settled down and we know how the decks stack up against one another, we'll be able to re-jig the list to reflect the true power rating of each card. A card that only appears in one deck may still end up as a priority craft, for example, if that deck proves to be top tier.

You can of course also just use this list to find a deck that makes use of a card you've pulled from a pack! Each deck we've linked to features a full deck list and a comprehensive guide to help you master playing it.


Use the following links to quickly navigate to the section of the guide you're most interested in right now!

1. Best Kobolds and Catacombs Legendary Cards

2. Best Kobolds and Catacombs Epic Cards

3. Best Kobolds and Catacombs Rare Cards

Best Kobolds and Catacombs Legendary Cards

Legendary Weapons

Out of all the Legendary Weapons it's Kingsbane that's seeing the most play right now and in two decks: Kingsbane Weapon Rogue and Miracle Rogue. It's not yet clear whether the former will see long-term play, or if Miracle Rogue will simply become the de facto deck for the blade.

Spell Hunter is enjoying a lot of play right now and it requires Rhok'delar, but the archetype may not prove competitive in the long term - something to keep in mind. Val'anyr is another strong weapon, although Hand Buff Paladin has struggled to maintain relevance for long in previous metas.

A final note on Aluneth. Although currently only seeing play in Secret (or Tempo) Mage, this deck is widely tipped to be a big player in the new meta. Still, perhaps best to wait another week or so before rushing in to craft this one.

LegendaryDeck 1Deck 2Deck 3
AlunethSecret Tempo Mage--
Dragon SoulSilence PriestSpell Priest-
KingsbaneMiracle RogueKingsbane Weapon Rogue-
Rhok'delarSpell Hunter--
Twig of the World TreeBig Druid--
Val'anyrAggro PaladinHand Buff Paladin-
WoecleaverBig Recruit Warrior--

Legendary Minions

Sonya Shadowancer is seeing play in both Quest Rogue and Tempo Rogue although we're a little nervous about the former - it's to imagine Team 5 wanting Quest Rogue to rise to dominance once more following the nerf.

Master Oakheart will probably end up being absorbed into more decks over time, but surprising it's just the experimental Taunt Recruit Druid we're seeing him in right now.

LegendaryDeck 1Deck 2Deck 3
Dragoncaller AlannaBig Spell Mage--
Grumble, WorldshakerElemental Shaman--
Kathrena WinterwispBig Hunter--
Lynessa SunsorrowQuest Paladin--
Master OakheartTaunt Recruit Druid--
Sonya ShadowdancerQuest RogueTempo Rogue-
Zola the GorgonQuest Rogue--

Best Kobolds and Catacombs Epic Cards

If it's aggro, it's going to run Corridor Creeper in the Kobolds metagame, that's for sure. Probably the safest craft there is right now.

If you're a Priest player at heart then Psychic Scream seems like a tool that's always going to be useful, while Twilight Acolyte seems unmissable in Dragon Priest.

Many of the remaining Epics are only relevant to one deck, and so we would recommend caution while we wait to see which decks prove top-tier.

LegendaryDeck 1Deck 2Deck 3Deck 4
Arcane TyrantBig Spell MageJade Druid--
Astral TigerTaunt Recruit Druid---
Call to ArmsAggro PaladinHand Buff PaladinRecruit Paladin-
CataclysmQuest Warlock---
Corridor CreeperAggro Token DruidTempo RogueEvolve ShamanZoo Warlock
Fal'dorei StriderMiracle Rogue---
Level Up!Recruit Paladin---
Psychic ScreamBig PriestHighlander Priest--
Reckless FlurryBig Recruit Warrior---
Spiteful SummonerBig Spell MagePirate Warrior--
To My SideSpell Hunter---
Twilight AcolyteDragon Priest---
Unstable EvolutionEvolve Shaman---
VoidlordDemon WarlockQuest Warlock--
Windshear StormcallerTotem Shaman---

Best Kobolds and Catacombs Rare Cards

Warlocks are currently getting a lot of value out of Lesser Amethyst Spellstone but do keep in mind that all three of those decks are unproven entities in the metagame.

Elven Minstrel seems a pretty safe bet for Rogue players, as you can imagine many scenarios where that Battlecry is useful - and it's not like the hero is short on cheap or even free combo activators.

Lesser Jasper Spellstone is cheap enough and impactful enough that we think it will be a solid craft for anyone maining Druid. Certainly it's more versatile than the vast majority of Spellstones.

Wandering Monster seems strong for Hunter overall, and we also feel pretty confident Unidentified Maul will be an important part of the Paladin's toolset for some time - even allowing for its unpredictable bonus effects.

LegendaryDeck 1Deck 2Deck 3
Crystal LionRecruit Paladin--
DuskbreakerDragon Priest--
Elven MinstrelKingsbane Weapon RogueTempo Rogue-
Gather Your PartyBig Recruit Warrior--
Greedy SpriteTaunt Recruit Druid--
Grizzled GuardianTaunt Recruit Druid--
Lesser Amethyst SpellstoneControl WarlockDemon WarlockQuest Warlock
Lesser Diamond SpellstoneBig PriestSilence Priest-
Lesser Emerald SpellstoneBig HunterSpell Hunter-
Lesser Jasper SpellstoneMiracle DruidJade Druid-
Lesser Mithril SpellstonePirate Warrior--
Lesser Sapphire SpellstoneOverload Control Shaman--
Murmuring ElementalElemental Shaman--
Possessed LackeyDemon Warlock--
Primal TalismansTotem Shaman--
Seeping OozelingBig Hunter--
Unidentified MaulAggro PaladinRecruit Paladin-
Wandering MonsterBig HunterSpell Hunter-

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