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Lab In The Dark: Portal 2 - Designed For Danger

Until this weekend, I hadn't revisited Portal 2 since the release of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. I vaguely assumed that user-built test chambers would fall, broadly speaking, into two types: so easy that they made me appreciate the complex genius of the originals, or so difficult that they made me appreciate the simple genius of the originals. Replaying Portal 2 at the end of 2011 also made me realise that the puzzles were the bits in between the prattling robots and the archaeological ascent through Aperture. I spent more time smiling than thinking with furrowed brow. Naturally, then, a set of user-made levels that form a story appeal more than standalone levels. Designed for Danger is such a thing and, from the little I've played of the eight levels, it's high quality stuff.

Creator Patrick Murphy (also responsible for spiffy HL2 mod, Precursor) reckons this diversion from the game's canonical happenings should last one or two hours, but judging by the scale of its chambers I think I might be scrambling about for a while longer. As far as light bridges and funnels are concerned, I panic when they're placed in an expansive area. More space suggests more ways to fail, even if that's rarely the case as far as Portal is concerned.

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