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S/S/A/W 18: League Of Legends' new annual Ultimate skin is Gun Goddess Miss Fortune

Fancy pants

Now is about time to start for us to start considering our spring wardrobes, but for League Of Legends it's time for an even rarer wardrobe change. Once every year or two, Riot Games release a new Ultimate-grade skin for one character in their MOBA, an expensive makeover with a new look with new animations and effects and all.

This year, the lucky recipient is the buccaneering bounty hunter Miss Fortune. Her upcoming Gun Goddess skin will replace her usual 'sexy pirate Halloween costume' skin with some sort of... anime cyberbabe exosuit? I don't know. Video games. But it will come in four forms, each with their own style.

Players who buy Gun Goddess Miss Fortune will be able to swap between its four forms as they please at the fountain through a special menu. Each has its own different style, ranging quite broadly from some sorta cyberknight in white with lion-headed guns to a mechaBloodrayne in black and red, and their own particle effects.

LoL's personalization lead producer Anna "SuperCakes" Donlon showed the skin's styles and some of its sparkles in this new dev video:

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It is a pricey skin, coming in at 2775 Riot Points. It costs £18/€20 for 3250 RP or $20 for 2800 in the US (because of course you can't simply buy the skin without overspending on microtransaction currency), so yes, big money. This is a free-to-play game, mind, and this skin is wholly optional). It's a little cheaper than previous Ultimates too, because while it's fancy, it doesn't introduce anything particularly new. The usual Ultimate price of 3250 RP will be reserved for skins which change more. Though if you do want to pay more, Riot will sell you a fancier version with some icons and bits thrown in too.

Gun Goddess Miss Fortune hit the LoL test server today then will launch properly on March 22nd.

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