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Legends Of Runeterra's open beta kicks off at the end of January

Get yourself an exclusive poro by taking part.

We're just two weeks away from getting our hands on Riot Games' shiny new League Of Legends CCG, Legends Of Runeterra, as it hits open beta on the 24th January.

The beta marks the start of the very first ranked season, in which players will be able to climb from Iron to Master rank just like in League Of Legends. It'll also bring three new guardians, six new boards, loads of updated cards, a bunch of improvements, and a friends list so you can challenge all of your pals.

If you're interested in giving it a try, the beta is a great time to get started as all your progress will carry over into the full game when it's released, and you'll receive an exclusive Moonstruck Poro Guardian at launch.

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Last year, some lucky players got their hands on the game during two limited-access previews. Those players (as well as anyone who's already pre-registered for the beta) will be able to get into it a whole extra day early on 23rd January at 7pm GMT. It's worth noting that you can still pre-register on the Legends Of Runeterra website, and as long as you do so before the 20th January, you'll also get that slightly earlier beta access.

After the first preview last year, Jay Castello reported that the game already had a meta, which Dave then went ahead and wrote some handy guides for so you can get a one up on your friends before Legends Of Runeterra even releases.

"It was fun to theorycraft and chat design with friends who are coming from Hearthstone or Magic or League Of Legends," Jay wrote. "The cards make this great, heavy shuffling sound that’s so much more satisfying than paper would be.

"There’s one card called A Lonely Poro who is just a sad ball of fluff on a cold stack of rocks, and then when you summon another poro to keep them company they transform into A Joyous Poro which has exactly the same stats but art of a very happy ball of fluff. It’s great."

We don't know the exact date yet for Legends Of Runeterra's full release, but we do know it'll be sometime later this year for both PC and mobile, will be free-to-play and will support full cross-platform play. The open beta starts on PC at 7pm GMT on the 24th January - for more info check out the open beta's FAQ.

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