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Let's Play With Your Mind: The Stanley Parable Trailer

This Stanley Parable trailer is definitely my favourite game trailer of the second Wednesday Thursday (this post was written yesterday, time fans) of September of the year 2013. The developer has embraced popular culture and asked Youtube game talker-over Chilled Chaos to make one of those Let's Play things, but all is not as it seems. Watch as the boring corridors slowly lull the gabbing gamer into a comfortably mundane meandering. In that mindset, when the walls of a corridor become the warm centre of the universe and everything is recognisable and safe, change can send a man mad. It's really funny.

This is to semi-celebrate the beginning of the end of development of the narrated, multi-pathed adventure game. We'll all be wandering these corridors in October, though there's no date set. You might as well just block out the entire month on your calender just to make sure. Birthdays, dates, concerts, funerals can all be discarded. We have this to look forward to.

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Wonderful. If I were Gabe Newell, and I'm sadly not, I'd hire this guy to episodically expand the Portal series. Think of all hidden areas of Aperture Science we could be wandering?

The mod is still available to download if you're eager to experience the inception of the series.

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