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LG's 27GL850 monitor was legendary - and now the 27GP850 follow-up is down to $299.99

This 27-inch Fast IPS 1440p 180Hz monitor is a great pickup.

lg 27gp850 gaming monitor
Image credit: LG/Rock Paper Shotgun

LG's 27GL850 was a legendary monitor, as this 27-inch model was the first to use the Korean chaebol's Fast IPS panels - which combined the extremely fast pixel response times you'd expect to see on TN panels with the wide viewing angles and gorgeous colours of IPS screens. This combination proved popular, and today there's a deal on the modern successor to the 27GL850 - the 27GP850.

The 27GP850 is down to $299.99 at Amazon, versus an original price of $429.99. We saw a lot of sales on the 1440p 144Hz 27GL850 when it reached this price, so seeing an even better 1440p 180Hz model at the same point could result in quite a popular pickup.

The 27GP850 makes a few improvements over its predecessor, the 27GL850, offering a slightly higher brightness - allowing it to reach a DisplayHDR 400 certification - and therefore a better contrast rating too. The monitor can also be overclocked to 180Hz, compared to 144Hz for the original model, providing a slightly better motion handling experience. Black Frame Insertion is also now available, which trades off maximum brightness for even clearer delineations between frames to aid motion handling further.

Otherwise, this is the same popular monitor, with convenient rear-facing ports, a great stand with height adjustment and portrait rotation options, G-Sync Compatible and FreeSync Premium ratings for PC VRR, and a simple OSD that works well. 1440p

Otherwise, the 1440p resolution and 180Hz refresh rate (165Hz without overclocking) is a great combination that makes the monitor a good choice for anything from fast-paced games to slower-paced games and content creation or consumption.

It's well worth considering, so do let me know what you think in the comments below - or buy one via the link above. Cheers!

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