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Lies Of P brings Soulslike mecha-Pinocchio to PC and Game Pass in August

He's close to being a real boy

Like all good fairytale characters, Pinocchio gets a revision every couple of years - except for 2022, when he was adapted thrice (mostly in bad films, except for the Del Toro one). The loveable puppet isn’t waiting too long for his next comeback, as the RPG Soulslike Lies Of P is coming to PC and Game Pass in August.

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Lies Of P’s newest trailer is mostly a black screen with a lot of VO, but we get a clear look at Pinocchio's daddy Master Gepetto this time. The trailer follows a blob wobbling through very Victorian streets before it slides into some automation and uses the machine’s body as a puppet. The result is a boss-sized monstrosity that sits halfway between Lovecraftian horror and industrial defect. It also reminds me of Gears 5’s weird infected robots, with tentacles and slime hanging off their metallic arms - equally gross and cool.

The newest trailer doesn’t show off any Bloodborne-style combat, but we’ve had plenty of looks at that already, including a fight with a gorilla robocop. This Soulslike looks just as aggressive as you’d expect, emphasising quick dodge rolls and last-minute, anxiety-fueled parries. Pinocchio’s arm doubles up as a grappling hook to pull enemies in, which is always cool in a hack n’ slasher, and makes even more sense when you’re playing as a puppet. Also, is it just me or is Pinocchio pretty this time around?

Unlike many Soulslikes, your in-game choices could impact the story here. At last year’s Gamescom, publisher Neowiz teased that “the more lies told, the more human players become, with all the advantages and disadvantages it entails.” It’s a cryptic explanation of how lying works in-game, but presumably, Pinocchio’s nose won’t grow every time, right?

We can save our bald-faced lies for August when Lies Of P releases on consoles and PC through Steam. The dark action game is also launching into PC Game Pass day one.

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