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Life After Diablo: Grim Dawn Soldier Trailer 

You waited more than a decade. Diablo III's finally out. You can even play it when the server gods smile upon you. And it's fun! But it won't last forever. Randomly generated or not, you and the big red Lord of Destruction (no, not that one) will eventually grow apart. And then what happens? What do you hack? Whom do you slash? Where do you find undead creatures carrying cracked pants? Well, there's Torchlight II on the horizon, but let's say you have an irrational vendetta against colors and smiling. That's where Grim Dawn comes in. I mean, it has "grim" right in its title, and titles never lie. Perhaps somewhat more concrete, however, is the new Soldier Demolition Melee trailer, which is about as spooky and soul-crushing as they come. It crushes other things too - mostly spines, near as I can tell. But with former Titan Quest folks at the helm, I suppose that's to be expected - and, so far, highly anticipated. Check out the full trailer below.

So then, charging, smashing, and constant reminders of our own mortality. And I'm not just referring to the graveyard setting on that last bit. Crate Entertainment told John that Grim Dawn's designed to be tougher, deeper, and more "casual-player hostile" than similar games. This bit, especially, sounds positively wonderful to me:

"I love systems that are asymmetrical and chaotic, where the player can’t easily see the tell-tale structure and patterns of deliberate, organized human design. The real world isn’t always perfectly planned or sensible and I don’t think game worlds should be either, otherwise you see the hand of the developers everywhere you look and it erodes the magic of feeling like you are in a living and unpredictable world."

Me too! We should be friends. Can friendship be purchased with money? Because Grim Dawn's Kickstarter is winding down in less than a day. So if you still want to chip in, now's the time. And if not, well, somehow - by the grace of some benevolent deity - I think Crate's going to be OK.

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Grim Dawn


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