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The Sun Has Got His Moneyhat On: Grim Dawn Funded

Forget the rest of the loot-gathering crowd for a moment and concentrate your senses on the other ARPG. The one that isn't a sequel but does see much-loved developers working in a genre where they have excelled in the past, the one with non-linear story progression and different factions to side with. Yes, it's this one, Grim Dawn from the designers of Titan Quest. Although well into development, the game recently surfaced on Kickstarter and I explained the reasoning behind that move. Now, with 10 days to go, the target has been reached.

Tremendously good news. It's a project I've been excited about since it was first announced and, like many of you, I've seen enough to make me a believer in what the team aim to achieve.

I know many of you are believers because one of the earlier updates on the Kickstarter page included this little infomagraphic showing where pledges come from.

reach for trumpet, lips pursed

So, what does this teach us? That you're a stingy bunch, that's what. Right up there in terms of numbers but lagging behind the next two sources in terms of actual dollars pledged. I'm guessing that means the $8000 man isn't among our readers and there won't be a Horace related side-quest. Shame on you all.

Of course, it could also mean that you're also pledging your hard-earned to a million other things as well and the real lesson is that you're all as handsome as ever.

Also, we are officially seven times bigger than Facebook and deserve a fast-talking movie of our very own. And eleventy billion monies.

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