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Life Is Strange 2 episode 4 treks into stores

Another step on the road

Troubled runaway scamps Sean and Daniel Diaz are back. The fourth episode of Life Is Strange 2 released this week, with big brother Sean casting about a big desert in search of his lost brother. He isn’t in great shape himself, either, understandably, given everything he’s been through. Observe, a very melancholy launch trailer.

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Where oh where could Daniel have gotten to? I mean, I know, because I already played the episode. But far be it for my humble newsbringing self to spoil it for you right as I tell you you can now find out on your own.

It makes sense for this episode to be the low point for the brothers Diaz, with just one left to go. Come the fifth episode, which launches in December, they will surely end up happy and content. Daniel will swim in the sea of Puerto Lobos while Sean sips a strictly non-alcoholic drink and reminisces about all this. “Ah,” he will sigh, wistfully. “Life sure is odd.”

It has been a while since the last episode, so if you’re in need of a refresher, Alice B and Brendy’s chat about it may help. Mostly, there was a lot of weed, and Sean may or may not have gotten a tattoo and/or had a dalliance with a lady or a fella. It’s not all bad on the road.

You can buy Life Is Strange 2 episode 4 for £6.49/$7.99/€7.99 on Steam, but you’ll need episode one to be able to play it. You can also buy the whole bundle of episodes for £32.45.

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