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Life Is Strange 2's first episode is now free, forever

Three hours, free, forever.

Get in the car, loser, we're going to Mexico - and we're not paying for the first hundred miles. Starting today, the first episode of supernatural teen sequel Life Is Strange 2is going completely free, permanently. Oh, you'll still have to pay up to see their journey through to completion, but now you can spend a few hours with the Diaz brothers as they begin their cross-state road trip to the border.

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Following in its predecessor's footsteps, Life Is Strange 2 follows teens with superpowers in small-town USA. This time 'round it's brothers Sean and Daniel Diaz, on the run from the law after the latter starts moving things with his mind. What follows is a road trip down to Mexico, exploring the pair's relationship to each other and outsiders as they skulk through several states on their way to (hopefully) safety.

For whatever reason, Life Is Strange 2 doesn't seem to stick as strongly in the cultural consciousness as its time-looping predecessor. But our Alice Bee and Brendy reckoned it was still a damn good ride in their series of LiS2 verdict-o-chats, even if the early episodes can be a bit of a slower burn. That the game took over a full year to get all its episodes out probably didn't help.

Since wrapping up Episode 5 last year, Life Is Strange has laid dormant as Dontnod take their shot at other stories. Not that they've stepped too far from their stable, of course - Tell Me Why explores a tale of trauma and otherness with a slightly aged up cast, while Twin Mirror will toy with premonitions and investigations when it arrives this December.

Life Is Strange 2: Episode 1 can be picked up for free over on Steam starting today.

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