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Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Striking In December

She keeps coming back!

I know I go on about wanting the anime boyband road trip that is Final Fantasy XV to be announced for PC too, but you have to understand that I really want it. Still, we'll soon be caught up on the endless RPG series, as Square Enix have announced that the third and final part of Final Fantasy XIII, Lightning Returns: FF13 [official site], is coming our way on December 10th. And once we're up to date (XIV of course being the MMO we got years ago) then surely they'll start talking about XV too, right? Oh give over, Alice.

Lighting Returns sees her, er, back once again, this time on a timer to save the world. You've got 13 days before it blows, and the world runs in accelerated real time (and it's faster on higher difficulties). Lighting Returns shakes up FF13's combat too, with more freedom of movement, and a system of switching stances mid-battle to use different gear and powers.

Lightning Returns will cost £12.99. The original plan for FFXIII's PC ports was to have Lightning Returns out by this spring but, well, it's taken a wee bit longer than that. The ports got off to a wonky start with poor resolution options, though Square Enix did circle back and improve those. The Steam page explains this PC release comes with almost all of the game's costume and weapon DLC from consoles, missing only the FFVII Aerith pack. You get to cover yourself in Moogles, though, so that's something.

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