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Locked And Exploded: MechWarrior Deploys Conquest

"What is it with mechs and holidays?" I constantly ask myself and/or say to begin my cliched standup routine. It's a question that evokes many nuanced and contentious viewpoints, but mainly, MechWarrior Online launched its last big update on "Mechsgiving," and now a brand new point-capturing Conquest mode is debuting right around Christmechs (which is sadly not what Piranha's calling it). That's enough for me to call it a pattern, though, so clearly, mechs are creatures that run on oil, electricity, and festive spirit. There's more information and a video of the new update in action after the break.

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While Conquest is certainly the star of this particular show, two new Hero mechs - the Twin Dragons, Fang and Flame - and a nighttime version of River City get the spotlight above. In addition, there's also a third new mech, the Stalker, and a smattering of New-Year's-themed cockpit items. See? Festive. These colossal mechanized party animals think of everything.

Conquest, meanwhile, is a pretty standard five-area capture-and-hold setup that sees teams slowly amass resources based on how many points are under their control. It's nothing earth-shaking - well, aside from the fact that it gives giant robots yet another excuse to literally shake the earth - but it's a welcome change of pace nonetheless.

The update's available now. So then, go and deck the halls in the most icy-cold, utterly unfeeling of fashions. Do not give, as is the alleged mandate of this season. Take. Take what is rightfully yours, and hope some other mechanized jerk doesn't blow you up and take it right back.

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