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Atlas(t): MechWarrior Online Has A "Release" Date

Even though we live in the Future Year of 2013 and download all games directly to our spinal cords the second they hit pre-pre-pre-post-mid-alpha-gramophonic, we still insist on designating games as "released" or "un-released". I understand that up to a point - it paints expectations of relative bugginess, when developers should start charging money, etc - but could we maybe start using more, um, applicable terminology? Otherwise we end up with games like MechWarrior Online, which is finally "releasing" in September even though it's been available for more than a year. (Yes, I know a slight discrepancy in lingo is the least of the gaming industry's problems, but JUST LET ME HAVE THIS ONE, 'KAY?)

To celebrate the impending upgrade to version 1.0, Piranha has gotten everybody in open beta - what else - a mech! The newest addition is called the Dragon Slayer, and you can watch it do things (none of which involve slaying dragons, sadly) below:

The 1.0 update will come on September 17th, and it'll trundle in atop a fire-red carpet of 46,941,487 mech corpses, according to Piranha. The developer further noted that all those laser-fried heaps could stack to the moon and back 1,221 times, because it clearly has no respect for the robo-dead. Also because big numbers woooOOOoooOOOoo.

But yes, MechWarrior Online seems to be doing quite well for itself, which is wonderful news. Is it your stompy stomy bang bang game of choice, or are you more of a Hawken sort? I suppose Titanfall's also looking rather scrumptious, but it's probably still a ways off. Regardless, giant robots! There are many. Which is your favorite?

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