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Loot Drop: Path Of Exile Beta Open All Weekend

In the weekend family get-together of the fantasy RPGs, Uncle Diablo is hanging around, talking to his niece Torchlight about her new tattoos. She's just asked where Path Of Exile is. "He's suffering from stress and couldn't make it", said Uncy D. Abstractly, of course: what's actually happening is that Path of Exile, Grinding Gears' isometric online action-RPG is actually holding a stress test this weekend, from Friday to Sunday, and everyone's invited. Now the closed beta members might be a bit sniffy at the sudden influx of unlevelled scum, but if you just follow these simple rules we'll all get along famously: left mouse for hitting; right mouse for also hitting. Got it?

There's every expectation that the game will crumble a bit under the attentions of the new players, but it's worth a shot. Adam enjoyed his time with the plentiful loot in the free-to-play ARPG, even if he felt that the social elements were a bit overwhelming. But that's Adam: he thinks "Welcome" mats are a bit forward.

All you need to do is follow these instructions and you're guaranteed entry to the party. Here. Have a look if you want to make doubly sure.

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