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Mad Max Is Delayed But Does Have Cool Cars

But does it grapple?

I am quietly hopeful that we'll see a grappling hook in Mad Max. Oh sure, probably not the truly wondrous grappling hook its developers Avalanche Studios put in Just Cause 2 to fling enemies, cars, planes, and yourself around with gay abandon, but perhaps something sufficient for a little automotive japery. There's cinematic precedent for Max and his foes tossing them about, after all, as you know what's useful when trying to catch and murder other people in cars? Grappling hooks.

But enough about grappling hooks. A new trailer giving a teensy peek at Mad Max and its car combat also casually mentions a 2015 launch, which means plans to release Avalanche's open-world post-apocalypse 'em up this year are set back. That's fine. I can wait for a grappling hook.

But lo, what's this car we see the non-Mel-Gibson-looking-aliking Max driving in this trailer? His old ride's been nicked, the story goes, which means part of the game is upgrading an old banger to be a lean, mean, car-crushing machine dressed to the nines with extraneous exhaust pipes and bullbars. Why, there's probably even room to whack a grappling hook on it!

Speaking of grappling hooks, the Internet's eagle eyes have spotted Square Enix recently registered domains for a few more numbered Just Cause sequels. Perhaps this signals more grappling hooks to come, though let's temper expectations as publishers do sometimes like to lock domains down without any firm intent, just in case they later decide to go a-sequelling.

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