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Life Is A Savage Road In New Mad Max Trailer

The fast and the furious

Savage Road, the title of the new Mad Max [official site] story trailer, is strangely similar to the name of that Mad Max movie that released recently. You might not have heard of it, it had kind of a subdued launch and response seems to have been a bit muted so far. Mad Max is so hot right now and Avalanche Studios knows this, as they've managed to make it just as fun as any of the Fury Road trailers, complete with guns and explosions and cars and arid wasteland as far as the eye can see. Which pretty much sums up the entire Mad Max experience. In a good way, I mean.

So from what I can see, Max travels to Car Mordor to get revenge on the Car Uruk-hai for stealing and scrapping his Car... car. Along the way there are plenty of enemies littering the apocalyptic Australian wasteland to slaughter and maim. Sounds like a good time to me. Avalanche Studios’ open world pedigree gives us even more reason to be excited than the Mad Max name.

I had no idea Mad Max was basically Lord of the Rings with cars. Now I’m even more excited about finally seeing Fury Road. This Gollum-like character, is he in the film? Is the guy who plays Max as pretty as his character model in this new game story trailer? Oh, it’s Tom Hardy. That’s a yes then.

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