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Mafia 3 demo out today, as is first story DLC

Visit New Bordeaux

A demo for Mafia 3 [official site] has arrived, letting all and sundry in to poke around a Nu Orleans. John's Wot I Think praised the city and was none too pleased with most of the rest so hey, I'll welcome a demo to have a look myself.

The first paid story DLC is out today too, for folks who've already bought in. Faster, Baby! will send players into a small town to deal with a corrupt sheriff. Antics ensue.

You can download the demo from Steam. 2K say it contains "the whole opening act", "centering on an incredible bank heist sequence". I'd fire it up myself to tell you more but, er, it's a 23GB download and I've still got hours to go.

I'm hopeful that download size means I'll get to poke around a big chunk of world, even if the game does try to make me do crimes. Sure, sure, we'll rob that bank right after I cruise across this bridge at sunset, sit at traffic lights watching one whole night go by, and potter around at least two busy neighbourhoods.

Given the performance problems and bugginess many players reported in Mafia 3, it is a bit unhelpful to have this demo arrive five months after the game's launch. Steam does have a friendly refund policy these days but I'd rather play a demo than buy then refund a game.

Mafia 3 demo saves carry over to the full game, by the way, if you take a shine to it.

As for Faster, Baby!, that's out on Steam for £11.99/14,99€/$14.99 by itself or comes with a further two future expansions in the Season Pass for £24.99/29,99€/$29.99. Have a look at it in this trailer:

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