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Magicka Infomercial Is Excellently Half-Arsed

Magicka! It's out. It's smart. It's broke. The entireity of Arrowhead studios and anybody else Paradox can muster are, allegedly, working on patches around the clock. So where did this infomercial-style video come from? Surely the developers aren't fannying around with dry ice and cardboard orcs while gamers worldwide are struggling to play their game. Surely not. Thankfully, Paradox have released this video with a statement.

Paradox, they say:

As Arrowhead Studios continues to work around the clock to provide updates to Magicka, Paradox Interactive has premiered the "if Magicka was sold via infomercial -- this is what it would look like" trailer. But with this one, nobody will have to stay up late watching public access television to catch it, it can be viewed online right here.

No development team members were involved in the making of this video as they're stuck in their cave working on patches to fix the current online issues, adding content and implementing player requests like keyboard mapping and more. For those having trouble with the online co-op, the multi-player is running smoothly over LAN and local co-op.

Now, sit back and enjoy. 1:19 is totally the best bit. No way these are the devs. Only a professional actor could work a piece of cardboard like that.

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