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Magicka Receives Mighty Patch Already

Right, to keep you up to date on Magicka, a hefty patch has already appeared. That's swift. And Paradox tell us the developers are already hard at work on a second patch to catch what they haven't crammed into the first one. And, they tell RPS, there will be new patches every 24 hours fixing whatever may have arisen. For the angrier denizens of the internet, let's remember that while it's obviously massively frustrating to spend money on a game and then not be able to enjoy it, this is an £8 game from a small developer that's working its arse off to fix everything as fast as it can. Not ideal, no. But not, let's say, not patching your billion dollar selling AAA blockbuster for months. To apply the patch you'll need to restart Steam, whereupon the 522MB of fixes will begin downloading. The long list of patch details are below.

I don't see much mention of server issues in the list, but as I say another patch is already being created. Let us know below if you're finding it easier to start a game. And despite there not being a mention of it below, the tutorial bug has been fixed too.

Characters will now clear any crossfading previously in progress when initializing.
Character network performance has been improved.
Servers will now properly clear pending clients when starting a game.
Some grapical improvement has been made to the tutorial level.
Burning grease is now working properly over network.
Grease network performance has been improved.
PhysicsObjects now update their orientations correctly over network.
DamageableObjects status effects now work properly over network.
Character status effects now work properly over network.
Fixed a dialog problem which prevented cutscenes from ending properly.
Wizard castle collision mesh has been adjusted.
Havindr Arena's collision mesh has been adjusted.
Glade's collision mesh has been adjusted.
Hyphen (-) has been added and other fixes have been made to the fonts.
Ruins script has been modified.
Ruins textures has been improved.
A few missing NPC name tags have been added.
A glitch when characters performed multiple move orders in sequence has been fixed.
Picking up items over network has been fixed.
Random teleport over network has been fixed.
Music will reset properly when restarting from checkpoints now.
NPC wizards now use the correct coloring for network clients.

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