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Make A Date With World Of Goo - Update

World Of Goo has a release date, both on Wiiware (in the US - it's getting a retail release in Europe, apparently), and PC. That date is: 13th October. So less than two weeks. Oh boy!

2D Boy have confirmed for us that those who pre-ordered the game will be getting their copies as soon as this Monday. Kyle Gabler told us,

"We're going to start sending out PC copies of the game to people who pre-ordered this Monday, October 6. Pre-orderers will also have access to Mac and and Linux copies, but those builds are not ready yet, only the Windows version for now."

So for those who were smart enough to take our advice and pre-order the game, you'll be playing it after the weekend! Read our review of the game here.

Update: 2D Boy have answered most of everyone's questions regarding the release on their site, here. Including this snippet:

"world of goo will be released on wiiware in north america. a windows version will be simultaneously released on our website and a handful of well regarded digital distribution channels that we will announce early next week."

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