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Make Bouncy Bouncy

Make Bouncy Bouncy is a funny name. I think that's clear. It's also going to be the game that distracts you from work today, thanks to a version of the demo embedded in the By Design Games website.

Go on, make it.

The idea is to bounce your block from tile to tile, which grows in size each time you consecutively bounce without landing on the same tile twice. Eventually you'll get so big that it gets terribly excited, and has a bit of a Peggle moment blaring classical music and firing off explosions of colour, which can then all come amusingly crashing down with a fart noise if you mess up. The clean, cel-shady design is pretty lovely, and the use of sound is spot on - again, comparable with Peggle's aural skill.

You can download the demo here (but it does appear to be in French once you start), or you can play the equally good embedded version (and in English) by clicking on the "Download" option.

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