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Makes You Wonder: Age Of Wonders 3 Level Editor Out

New age for modders

I stepped out last week to conquer distant lands and it looks like no one at RPS posted about the Age of Wonders 3 level editor in my absence. I guess they must not be cool people, or they'd realise there's nothing better in life than robustly featured editors for creating your own new lands to conquer. Especially for a game in which Adam enjoyed himself but craved more variety. There's a video demonstration of the editor in action below.

The editor looks pleasingly straightforward. You can paint the terrain with mountains, lakes and forests, and plop down cities, roads and units with relative ease. If you're more ambitious, you can push the tools further, adding new heroes, quests, campaign maps and story sequences. More than likely most people will use it to simply re-create real world countries and maps in the shape of their own face. I am totally OK with either of these options.

The Civilization series has long had a vibrant modding community, even producing work of such quality that it's been bundled and sold as official add-ons to the base games. If Age of Wonders can attract even a fraction of that same DIY spirit, it'll make this pretty, tempting fantasy 4X game irresistible. There's more about the Age of Wonders 3 editor over here.

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