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Manifold Garden releases its gravity-bending architectural puzzles

Which way is up?

Escher-inspired puzzle game Manifold Garden has found its way through the topsy-turvy corridors of development and out into stores this week. As a person with very little sense of navigation at the best of times, its physics-agnostic world threatens to break my brain, but gosh, it is pretty though isn’t it. You can get a look at the infinite architectures within infinite architectures courtesy of the trailer below.

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Don’t worry too much about falling off these narrow ledges. As you might be able to suss out from the ever-repeating buildings of unclear purpose, physics doesn’t work quite right around here. “Falling down leads you back to where you started,” says the game’s store page. Lovely and convenient.

Besides, bending gravity to your problem-solving will is the name of the game. You’ll have to wrap your head around all the odd physics going on in order to navigate the world and bring back the plants that should be in place of that (admittedly lovely to look at) concrete.

Pip was a big fan of watching the development of this one, because, like I said, it’s lovely to look at. The in-progress shots she picked out include everything from sunlight streaming in through the windows to what look like great big tetrominoes hanging out in some kind of server farm. I’m not sure how much of it made the final game, but like she said, they’re a thing to like all on their own.

Manifold Garden is available now on the Epic Games Store for £15.99.

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