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Manifold Garden Is So Beautiful Right Now

Perfectly looping gifs

We've written about Escher-esque puzzle game Manifold Garden [official site] before but only under its previous name, Relativity, I think. I wanted to make sure we noted the name change but also was happy for an excuse to post lovely gifs from the game as it's progressed!

Maybe don't click onwards if you get motion sick easily, but otherwise they're beautifully hypnotic:

Here's the description of the game so you can get a bit of flavour beyond lovely geometry:

Manifold Garden (previously known as Relativity) is an exploration puzzle game that imagines a universe with a different set of physical laws. Set in an Escher-esque world filled with secrets and mysteries, you utilize a unique gravity manipulation mechanic to turn walls into floors. Learn to see the world through whole new perspectives as you navigate mind-boggling architecture and solve seemingly impossible puzzles.

I follow the game's devlog on the TIG forums and it's just this absolutely beautiful strange thing that gives me a little pleasure spike every time I see it in my feed reader.

My favourites are from the experiments Chyr was doing with volumetric lighting. Here's one that was pretty full-on:

And here are some that go more subtle:

Developer William Chyr also streams work on his Twitch channel Monday-Friday from 3pm CT (20:00 UTC). The release date is currently "2016". Oh, and here's a trailer from last September because people also like "video content" I believe.

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