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Pew pew! Mass Effect Andromeda trailer details combat


How can you kill a man? I don't mean, how can you manage to do it then live with it, with yourself and with what society thinks of you. More like, what cool weapons and special abilities can you use? A new trailer for Mass Effect Andromeda [official site] answers that question for BioWare's upcoming shoot-o-RPG. Demonstrating with gameplay snippets, it goes over how weapons from different places use different tech, how you're free to use every weapon and learn every skill, and how you can cower behind anything you please. Have a look:

I dig that! It seems to have the not-awful action of Mass Effect 3 with more of the build choices and freedom from the first game. Heck, the open skill trees seem more free.

BioWare have recently bopped up profiles of our future spacefriends, by the way. You can read all about Krogan brawler Nakmor Drack, Turian tank Vetra Nyx, Asari gunslinger Peebee, biotic human Cora Harper, and the jumpjetting Liam Kosta. You can meet 'em in this trailer too.

Mass Effect Andromeda is due March 21st in North America and and other places but whaaat we need to wait, even buying digitally? Origin lists a UK release time of 11pm on March 22nd. Boo to that. This is total bobbins, Ian Arts.

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