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Max Payne 3 PC Launch Trailer Focuses On Max's Pain

Max Payne 3 is coming to PC today! (Jim's review should turn up next week.) If your consolebox-owning friends are incredibly dedicated to taunting you, they may have already beaten it somewhere in the realm of 22.4 times by now - assuming they're playing in shifts. But I don't imagine the image they have irreparably seared into their retinas looks anywhere near this nice. Rockstar's assembled a new trailer "entirely from in-game PC footage," and it does, in fact, look fairly snazzy. Admittedly, it's nothing mind-blowing, and the trailer itself is oddly stilted and awkward given Rockstar's usual eye for style, but still: good game, better on PC. All is right in the world.

So that was fun. But do you plan on buying it? And if so, is your PC prepared for 35 raw, uncut gigabytes of Payne? Huh, that sounded a lot more like something that'd be bellowed by a geek-themed professional wrestler than I intended it to. Admittedly, I intend all of my sentences to sound a bit like a geeky wrestler script. Just not quite so overtly.

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