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Metal Gear Solid V's E3 Trailer Clearly Directed By Kojima

Language is a virus

The E3 trailer for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain [official site] is one of the most Kojima things I've seen, I say with great affection. While it seems the Metal Gear maestro is breaking up with publishers Konami, he is at least around until the end of the game, and that includes directing this here E3 trailer.

In case you don't want the villain's grand plot spoiled, I shall wait until the next paragraph to mention his philosophy. You'll like it, though. It's very Kojima.

Language. He's all about language. More than a virus, language is the greatest power and the root cause of conflict. I'm not entirely sure what he'll do about that but gosh, this trailer! It's amazing. And Big Boss is hallucinating. Though I don't think (all) the blood is hallucinated: most people are so, so bloody, all the time. Look at this wild thing:

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Honestly, I was expecting the final scene to be a Snake-looking chap growing "Kept you waiting, huh?" in David Hayter's voice. Oh, I want there to be a wild reveal that the guy we've seen so far is a clone or an alien or a Snatcher or a spirit possessing Snake through the soulstone jammed in his forehead. I want to believe. I have a poster like Fox Mulder's by my desk, only above the trees in mine is a blurry sheep dangling from a Fulton balloon.

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