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Microsoft's official Xbox Wireless Controller is down to $35 in the US using this $25 off code

The best ever price we've seen for Microsoft's Xbox Series era controller.

The Xbox Wireless Controller is my top recommendation when it comes to to the best PC gamepads over at Eurogamer, so I hope you don't mind me mentioning you can now pick up Microsoft's latest Xbox Series-era controller for just $35 instead of the usual $60 in the US. To get this incredibly low price, you need to use the code MXBOXWH in your shopping cart at Lenovo's US online store.

$35 is the best price I've ever seen for this controller, which is an awesome value for PC gaming in genres like racing, fighting, platforming and more. Even for shooters like Starfield and action games like Tomb Raider, it can just feel more natural using a controller - and Microsoft's option is exceptionally high-end for the money, with good-felling sticks, d-pad and triggers, some added texture on the grips and of course full compatibility with a wide range of PC games - including matching in-game icons, something you often don't get when using a PlayStation controller on PC.

The controller supports Bluetooth and USB-C wired connections, giving you a good degree of flexibility in connecting to PCs of all kinds as well as mobiles, tablets and Macs. There's also the 2.4GHz Xbox Wireless connection, which is the default choice for using the controller with Xbox Series or One consoles - and can be acquired for PC via the $27 Xbox Wireless Adapter. This is a slightly lower latency option, but Bluetooth should work fine for most use cases so don't sweat it too much.

screenshot of the final price at checkout
Here's what your total looks like with the code applied in your basket. | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun

Overall, $35 for an Xbox Wireless controller is an awesome deal and one I'd definitely be taking advantage of myself if I was in the US. I'm in the UK though, so all I can do is write this up, drink a cup of tea and move on.

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